Name: Marquess
Price: 18.00 EUR


► /nick Allows you to change your nickname and format it with colour.
/enderchest Allows you to open your enderchest.
/repair Fix all your items (sword,axe, etc).
/hat Wear things on your head!
/heal Heal yourself
/dye Dye your leather armor and other items!
► /dispose Dispose items with this single command.
/pweather Change your in-game weather.
/ptime Change your in-game time.
/fly Allows you to fly. Cannot be used in lobby
/rename rename your items.
► Join when the server is full Ability to join the network even if the server is full.
► ChatColour Format your chat colour globally.
(10) Sethomes Be able to set 10 places as your home.


► Receive the Donator role Amazing coloured role to differ in the server!
► Gain access to Donator chat
Chat with other donators and staff.
► Gain access to Donator support
Get instant support at any times.

NOTE: Commands like /pweather and /ptime only affect you, not the other players.